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Wairau River Botrytised Riesling Marlborough NZ 2016
A complex nose with aromas of honey, orange and lime marmalade. On the palate, these characters come through complemented by soft textured fruit and balancing acidity.



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Wairau River (pronounced why-rhoo) is Maori for 'Many Waters' reflecting the intricate braided pattern the river has carved on its path to the Pacific Ocean. It is on these riverbanks that Phil and Chris Rose planted their first vines in 1978.

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Marlborough is located on the northeastern edge of the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Marlbourgh started making wine in 1875, however, the modern story really starts in 1973 when Montana planted Sauvignon Blanc and took the wine by storm. In addition to its variety defining Sauvignon Blanc it producers excellent Rieslings and Pinot Noirs.


Wines that are sweet and can accompany a desert

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Chateau Ramon Monbazillac France 2014
The grapes are shrivelled by botrytis, also known as`noble rot` which concentrates the sugars. It has a golden yellow colour with aromas of ripe apricots and candied orange. Smooth and rounded in the mouth, the sweetness is perfectly balanced by a refreshing acidity.

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Carbon neutral is aim for more grape growers

More wineries are setting their sights on becoming carbon neutral in order to avoid contributing to climate change.

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NZ wine bounty grows by 39%

New Zealand’s grape harvest has come in 39% bigger than last year.

Montana brand replaced by Brancott Estate

The name Montana is to be replaced with Brancott Estate and a new wine style is to be trialled in 2011.

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Following a freeze on vineyard expansion since over supplies in 2008, wine growers in New Zealand are starting to plant vines again.

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Prosecco grape clone released from quarantine ready for planting.

New Zealand vineyards shaken by earthquake

Vineyards take stock after South Island earthquake

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The new certification was driven by producers and aims to help drinkers identify the top wines from Marlborough.