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Canadian province Alberta has banned British Columbian (BC) wines

Canadian province Alberta has banned British Columbian (BC) wines, after BC raised concerns about a proposed pipeline running through the state.

The tiff has come about after Alberta took umbrage to British Columbia's (BC) decision to review a pipe line cutting through it to the Pacific coast. The pipeline is to augment the current pipeline that has had a number of spills over the years.

Because BC has decided to review the are pipeline, Alberta decided to ban BC wines. Each state in Canada has their own alcohol monopoly and so has full control over the industry. Alberta’s premier, Rachel Notley, announced on the 6 February that sales of wine from the neighbouring province through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission would be suspended immediately.

According to the Drinks Business around 30% of the wine sold in Alberta is from BC with a retail value of C$160 million.