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UK the fourth most expensive place in Europe for a drink

The UK has the fourth highest prices for alcoholic drinks in Europe, according to a study by the Office for National statistics. The UK average drink price is 43% above the average in Europe. Leading the pack is Finland with a staggering 76% above the average followed by Ireland at 74%, then Sweden 44%. France is 16% cheaper while the cheapest place for a drink is Bulgaria with 35% below the average.

The average price for a bottle of wine sold in the UK shops is £5.56, with over half the price being given to the government in Tax. The duty on wine is £2.16. There is also VAT to pay worth £0.93p, making a total tax take of £3.08. The remaining £2.46 is eaten up with retailer profits, typically about 35% of the sale price, transportation around £0.20p. This leaves the winery with £0.82p to cover growing the grapes, making the wine, packaging and making a profit.