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Donald Trump Sued for unfair competition

Competitors to Donald Trump have started to sue the Trump organisation for unfair competition associated with people currying favour with the President of the USA
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Washington DC’s Cork Wine Bar Diane Gross and Khalid Pitts have started the process of suing Trump International Hotel in the city’s Old Post Office Pavilion. The move follows claims that Diplomats and others hoping to curry favour with the US President by staying in his hotels and frequenting its bars.

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ProWein gears up for another massive trade fair in Germany

Prowein, Europe's largest wine and spirits trade fair, starts on the 19th March in Dusseldorf.
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If you are not in the wine trade you may have missed all the publicity for Prowein, Europe's largest wine and spirits trade fair. It runs from the 19th – 21st March 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Until 2008 the UK's own London Wine fair competed with ProWein to become the largest trade wine fair. But after a few lacklustre years LWF refocused on the UK wine market, shrinking in size and became a better event for it.

Since then ProWein has gone from strength to strength, buying up the Chinese trade fair and renaming it Prowein Asia. If wandering through vast halls and tasting wines is your thing then consider going, if you are in the trade that is.

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Drinks industry continues to snub nose at calorie labelling for wine.

Drinks industry given another chance to come up with a voluntary code for calorie information after ignoring request from the EU Parliament.

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Two years after the drinks industry was given a single year to come up with a voluntary code for labelling calories on wine and other drinks by the EU Parliament, the EU Commission has published a report demanding that they come up with a solution within a year.

Currently drinks with more than 1.2% alcohol or higher are exempt from the 2011 ruling for food and drinks to provide nutrition and calorie information.

Some companies are already providing this information - Diageo, Treasury and AB InBev are among the bigger players who have already met this requirement.

But many small and large companies do not provide any information, while the UK drinks industry lobby group WSTA continues to try and water down calorie information by suggesting users can go online while out shopping to find the information.

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UK Chancellor taxes small businesses and raises the cost of wine

Small wine businesses hammered by the Chancellor, as he increases tax on them in every way possible.
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The UK chancellor has looked at the thousands of small wine businesses and decided they need to pay even more tax.

After cutting dividend allowances for the owners of small businesses, he then put the price of a consoling bottle of wine up by 3.9% or 8p for a 750ml bottle of wine to £2.16, and 10p on a bottle of fizz to £2.77 of duty. Fortified wines got an 11p rise to £2.89. The prices rise will come into effect on Sunday.

On the positive side, the Chancellor has decided to look at the duty paid on lower alcohol wine between 5.5% and 8.5%. In the past this was considered too difficult. But a lower tax on lower alcohol wines may encourage this lighter style of wine.

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The Drinks Business Retailer Awards 2017

The results for the The Drinks Business Retailer Awards 2017 for wine goes to...
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The Drinks Business magazine recently announced their retailer prize awards for 2017. The wine sector results are:

Independent Champagne Retailer: The Good Wine Shop Kew & Chiswick
Multiple Champagne Retailer: Sainsbury’s
Independent Wine Retailer: Highbury Vintners
Multiple Wine Retailer: Aldi
Online: Virgin Wines
Multiple Specialist Retailer: Oddbins
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Aldi introduces Organic wine while delivering on promise

Aldi was the first of the discounters to home deliver and now they are introducing organic wine.
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Aldi has launched a range of 8 organic wines. As is the norm with discounters' product lines, they have a core range of wines and range that they change periodically.

Their innovation in wine has meant that Aldi has been named Drinks Business Wine Retailer of the Year for 3 straight years, taking the crown from Waitrose back in 2015.

It was also announced this week that Lidl and Aldi combined now make up 12% of the grocery market, however Aldi was the first of the German discounters to introduce an online ordering and home delivery service.
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