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Roux Pere & Fils La Moutonniere AC Bourgogne France 2019
Red cherry nose with low tannins and fresh acidity. Classic entry level Pinot Noir from Burgundy.



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Grape varieties

Pinot Noir


Burgundy is the region where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay rule in France. In the northeast – and at the limit of successful ripening - this region calls its wine estates domaines rather than chateaux.

The area divides into sub regions: the Cote d’Or and, going south, the Cote Chalonnaise and Maconnais. The Cote d’Or is further divided into the northern Cote de Nuits, from which come the great reds of the region, produced on the escarpment, and the Cote de Beaune, which produces Burgundy’s most esteemed whites. In fact, Chardonnay here makes what is widely considered to be the finest, full-bodied dry white wines in the world. And, of course, who can forget Chablis? This appellation, producing steely, dry white wines in Burgundy’s most northerly vineyards, is now virtually a generic.


Almost akin to a white, the wines in this category feature the Gamay grape from Beaujolais. Tend to be pale red in colour with refreshing redcurrant and red berry fruit flavours. Great at lunchtime or served slightly chilled in the summer. Will go down well with non-red wine drinkers.

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Prices of top Champagnes are shooting up despite the economy heading the other way.

White Burgundies peak too soon

Producers in Burgundy are under attack from critics who claim that many wines are undrinkable when they should be at their peak due to premature oxidation.

Burgundy Beaujolais rules re-written

New rules governing the labelling of Beaujolais wines have been released ending a long running dispute between Burgundy and Beaujolais appellations.

Premature Burgundian oxidation nearly but not quite fixed

Many theories still exist about oxidation in white Burgundy but while winemakers have done all they can to reduce the risks it’s impossible to give a blanket assurance that all is now well.

Bordeaux prices down 30% at auction

Wine Auctions lose ground around the world as investors diversify from Bordeaux

152nd Burgundy Auction smashes records

Burgundy’s famous annual charity wine auction at the Hospices de Beaune smashes records.

Biodynamic vineyards more important than rest of Burgundy!

Producer refuses to use insecticide to prevent spread of leaf disease.

Burgundy to stop hail using high tech generators

New technology being employed in Burgundy to halt damage from hail.

Burgundy winemaker fined

Burgundy winemaker Emmanuel Giboulot is fined €1,000 for not using pesticides to fight flavescence doree disease.

Asian fly threat to French winemakers

Asian fly that causes grape rot found in Bordeaux

Burgundy winemaker's conviction overturned

Biodynamic winemaker Emanuel Giboulet has won a successful appeal against his conviction and receives a fine.

Free online wine course on Burgundy

Burgundy University offers free wine course as part of MOOC initiative.

What links the Forth Bridge and Champagne?

Burgundy, Champagne and Forth Bridge all given World Heritage status

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Variety of factors now affecting volume of Burgundy wine available.

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Higher ranking announced for Cremant wines.

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Frosts affect vineyards in Burgundy.

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Intentional theft or innocent harvesting mistakes in Burgundy?

French harvest, less a harvest more a hunt for grapes.

French reported weakest harvest in 30 years

Burgundy installs hail chemical hailstone shield

Burgundy installs hail chemical hailstone shield that pumps silver iodide into the atmosphere to minimise the size of hailstones.

The rise and rise of Burgundy sees exports from Burgundy hit €1 billion for the first time

Burgundy’s exports hit a €1 billion for the first time in the year to September, while Liv-ex continues to see the fine wine market fall.

Burgundy approves 22 new Premier Cru sites

Burgundian Pouilly-Fuissé has had 22 vineyards approved for Premier Cru from the 2020 vintage.