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Alcohol Free Wine with Dan Harwood from Eisberg

This show was published 15 September 2023


Dan Harwood is the sales & marketing manager for UK & Ireland for Schloss Wachenheim AG, a leading producer of sparkling wine based in the Mosel Valley, Germany and also specialising in alcohol free wines. The group has various market leading brands in different markets and overall produce 250,000 million bottles a year. In the UK they market the Eisberg brand for alcohol-free wine, selling 2 million bottles.

We talk about the process of de-alcoholising the wines and how they are benchmarked against actual wine as well as their non-alcoholic competitors. The beverage needs to contain no more than 0.05% alcohol to be described as alcohol free. They have developed a premium range based on single varietal wines: Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc.

The process they use is vacuum distillation. They have a custom built glass and teflon 'continuous' still which is 3 stories high with many glass tubes coming out of it. The wine is put under vacuum, where it is warmed up and the alcohol starts to evaporate. After filtering, they add sulphur at the end of the process to keep the liquid stable. Adjustments are then made to the flavours of the core range to recreate the typical flavour characteristics of the grapes, but not for the premium range which use higher quality grapes that are more expressive to start with.

Lastly we hear about Eisberg Mulled for the festive season to make an alcohol-free mulled wine.


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