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Calorie labelling on wine labels

Should alcoholic drinks have calorie labelling? Well, some have argued that it will help with more responsible drinking but in fact it's more about helping with the 2 in 3 adults who are overweight or obese, given that adults who drink get approximately 10% of their calories from alcohol. A report by The Royal Society for Public Health showed that 67% of adults who were asked would actively support calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks. The report aims to put pressure on the UK government and the European Commission to include alcohol within current food labelling legislation. The move was backed by Alcohol Concern but drinks producers said the laws required could take years and people should be more focused on alcohol content. The government has remained committed to it's public health responsibility deals which encourages voluntary action by drinks makers. Sainsburys said it would be putting calorie counts on all its own brand alcoholic drinks within 2 years.