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Whoops, I misheard. Wine order costs $3,750!

A waitress's garbled recommendation left diners in a New Jersey restaurant with a $4k wine bill. Client Joe Lentini was not hosting the dinner but was tasked with selecting the wine for the meal with his business colleagues. He asked the waitress for a recommendation of a decent wine as he didn't have wine experience. She pointed to a bottle on the menu and said it was Thirty-Seven Fifty what the sommelier actually meant was Three thousand seven hundred and fifty. The bottle of 2011 Screaming Eagle - a cult Californian red, was said by the group to be OK, it was good - it wasn't great, it was fine. When the bill was presented to the group it was 100 times higher than they had expected. The restaurant (Bobby Flay Steak at the Bogata Hotel Casino and Spa) did provide a discount on the wine of $2,200 and the guests agreed to split the cost of the wine. Lentini said in future he would be asking for the wine list so he knew exactly what he was ordering.