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Wine just got butch

Currently in the news this week the Mancan. For those men who secretly yearn for a Pinot Grigio but feel it's a threat to their masculinity to hold a wine glass. Now they can relax and enjoy wine in a can. The can doesn't enhance the flavour or help with preservation - nope! It's purely to preserve a macho mans ego. Mancan comes in 3 flavours (because it's for men) no fuss with flavours, tasting notes and aromas. No its plain and simple it's Red Wine, White Wine or White wine with fizz. Mancan comes from the US and the wine is sourced from Californian grapes, the cans are lined to protect the wine from the aluminium. Available online for £50 a 24 pack. Not only does Mancan protect a man's masculinity it also purports to protect the environment as it is lighter to ship and hence has lower carbon emissions. Let's see if it catches on in pubs.