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Christmas Trading Results

Major retailers are reporting bumper trading periods for wine and spirits this Christmas. Majestic reports having had the biggest ever Christmas. Sparkling Wine and Gin helped raise Majestics sales by 15% compared to last year. Rather like Co-op Majestic reported a 12% increase in Sparkling Wine compared to a 3% increase in Champagne. Co-Ops own brand Prosecco was it's highest selling product line over Christmas and Aldi also had it's sales fuelled by Prosecco. Morrisons had a particularly good Christmas trading period too becoming the biggest of the Big Four UK Supermarkets edging ahead of Tesco. Morrisons have pitched their store in the middle ground, not as posh as Waitrose but not cheap as chips like Aldi and Lidl and this Christmas it appears to have paid off for the retailer who has recently seen many store closures