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UK drinks exports booming, with wine exports to the USA up 177% over 4 years

The UK’s food and drinks top exports are dominated by spirits, salmon and yes, even wine!

The latest figures released by the UK Government show that while spirits and salmon dominate the UK’s exports to the USA, wine is now in 5th largest export in the food & drink sector and has increased by 177% over 4 years. The growth in sales is huge, growing from £18 million in 2013 to £49 million in 2017. That is an average annual rate of 44%. Wine has even nudged out cheese into 6th spot.

The top UK exports to the USA are: Whisky £915m, Salmon £208m, Other Spirits £195m, Gin £184m (average +9% per annum), Wine £49m, Cheese £48m.