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The great Calais booze cruise set to end with a No Deal Brexit, but is Duty Free the way to go?

The UK government announced that should there be a No Deal Brexit, duty free wine and spirits will be re-instated, but with a 4 litre limit imposed. The move will see the end of Booze Cruise to Calais where Britons can stock up on as much wine, beer and spirits for their own consumption. They do pay the small French duty of 2p/750ml bottle and then 20% VAT. The UK has a duty of £2.23 for still wines and a similar 20% VAT rate.

The saving on an equivalent £5 bottle of wine purchased in the UK vs France at the moment is around £2.20. Duty Free, the same £5 bottle of wine purchased in France will save approximately £3.05. So duty free has greater savings.

Using the average £5 bottle price, in the past motorist would go to Calais and buy say 10 x 6 bottle cases of wine, saving £132.

With a Duty Free allowance of 4 litres (5.33 bottles) the maximum saving equates to £16.27.

Meanwhile the WSTA, who represents many of the big drinks companies in the UK, claims that the governments plans to introduce controls on wine imported into the UK will result in £70 million in costs associated with import certificates.