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New protein bar could help reduce the effects of alcohol

A new protein bar called Sobar, designed to help reduce the effects of alcohol, has been launched in America by Zero Functional Foods. The snack bar has been clinically tested by consuming the bar before 2 drinks and measuring the peak blood alcohol level over the next 90 minutes. The test was repeated while drinking 2 drinks on an empty stomach, with a full meal and with a popular snack food.

The results showed that the Sobar resulted in a 50% reduction in peak blood alcohol compared to an empty stomach, 68% better than a full meal and 25% better than a popular snack.

Doc Harvey, an instructor at the Raleigh Bartending School says carbohydrates speed up alcohol absorption while protein slows it down. Bubbles also speed up absorption. Either way if you continue to drink your blood alcohol level will continue to rise as food only slows, rather than stops, the absorption. Your body typically removes around one standard unit of alcohol per hour.