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Peak Prosecco and a gin boom that is going pop create opportunities in 2020

We take a look at drink industry trends that may come about in 2020.

Gin's massive rise in the UK is starting to falter, according to latest Nielsen data showing volume growth for UK gin down to just 4% in the last 3 months from a peak of around 50% in mid 2018.

Meanwhile, Prosecco growth seems to be stalling with anecdotal evidence that consumers are moving to French sparkling Crémants for their fizz fix. Crémant sales are likely to continue to rise next year, with the Loire Valley the biggest Crémant region.

Wine sold in cans has been a trend in 2019 and look set to continue with investment in new canning-line facilities making it easier to produce canned wine.

Following the 2019 election result, if the pound strengthens against the euro we may see a rise in traditional EU wines at the expense of cheaper Eastern European wines that have capitalised on the weak pound to get a foothold in the UK.

Finally, in the spirits sector, flavour fatigue could see a return to vodka, which is even cheaper to produce than gin, and rum may take off. However, the extra costs associated with producing and ageing dark rums, may mean that it is white rums that could become a more popular choice.