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UK Wine Consumption up 2.2% in 2020

The world was drinking 3% less wine in 2020 but the UK saw a 2.2% rise according to the OIV.

China continues to turn away from wine with another huge drop of 17.4%, the third year in a row. But South Africa drop of 19% is most likely associated with the ban on alcohol sales and severe lockdowns there.

The biggest increase in wine consumption went to Brazil up a whopping 18% on last year, while Covid encouraged Italians to increase their wine consumption up 7.5%

In Britain, according to American Association of Wine Economists, the UK consumed 22.6L of wine per person per year. Well ahead of the US on 12.4L/ year but significantly behind the top drinkers in Portugal on 62.1 L /pp.

% of Wine the world consumed by each country.

USA 14%
France 11%
Italy 10%
Germany 8%
UK 6%
China 5%
Russia 4%
Spain 4%
Argentina 4%
Australia 2%