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Master Sommeliers expelled from Court of Master Sommeliers for sexual harassment

6 Master Sommeliers have been expelled from the Court of Master Sommeliers for sexual harassment offences.

Last year the the wine world was rocked by 21 female sommeliers who claimed that the members and management of the American chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers were involved in systematic sexual harassment and this week an independent investigation stripped 6 members of their title.

The scandal caused the entire board to resign last year, after a public outcry at the lack of engagement and responsibility taken by the board. The six master sommeliers expelled were Fred Dame, a co-founder of the group, Bob Bath, Fred Dexheimer, Drew Hendricks, Joseph Linder and Matt Stamp. They have been accused of 'inappropriate comments and flirting to non-consensual touching' and in some cases, offering letters of recommendation to female peers in exchange for sex.

The Court of Master Sommeliers was established in the UK in 1977, the highest qualification is the Master Sommelier Diploma which 274 people have achieved. The sexual harassment scandal was limited to the American chapter.