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Robert Mondavi and Languedoc producer Aubert & Mathieu launch NFTs

Robert Mondavi and Languedoc producer Aubert & Mathieu have launched NFTs that come with the wines and either the rights to attend events in the future or a copy of the picture from the wine's label.

Non-fungible token (NFT) are simply digital records of information. For easily reproducible items such as pictures they can be used to provide a certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership.

Robert Mondavi’s NFT is an electronic certificate that will accompany 1,966 bottles of wine. Each bottle is made from porcelain and can be used as a decanter after being drunk. The electronic certificate shows proof of ownership and will also entitle the owner to future, yet to be named events.

Aubert & Mathieu, a small Languedoc producer, is offering NFTs for the purchase of a digital representation of the artwork on their labels and will include wine from the vintage that the NFT represents.