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What women want: 'sophisticated' rosé

Women are turning their backs on lager in favour of rosé wines, which they see as more ‘sophisticated’ and better for their figures!

Sales of rosé have increased 188 per cent since 2005 to a staggering 49 million litres this year, according to market research firm Mintel, and it is women who are leading the charge.

Not surprisingly, the girls like pink wine. As Mintel says, it is a naturally ‘girly’ colour. But men, it seems are taking to it too because generally drinkers are shifting towards more refreshing flavours – the reason cider is finding more fans as well. As Katy Child, senior market analyst at Mintel, explained, ‘These drinks are also often seen as less calorific, whether this is true or not, so people who are watching their waist will often choose these lighter alternatives over a pint of lager.’

The research highlighted that rosé is favoured by younger people, with a third of all 18-24 year-olds saying they drink the pink stuff. And it is also the more affluent groups that are getting a taste for it.

Generally, though, it seems UK drinkers are increasingly looking for different drinks for different occasions, such as wine with a meal, cocktails in the evening and champagne for a special celebration. ‘As people are much more aware of the wide choice available, drinkers now realise that there is more to life than just a pint of lager, said Katy.