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Prosecco set to grow to five times its current size by 2035

Prosecco is booming it's official. Growth of Prosecco has been fuelled by the US market which has quadrupled its consumption of Prosecco in the past decade to 2.3m bottles in 2010. This and the fact that consumers are shunning general sparkling wines for higher quality products.

The Prosecco region estimates that it will grow to almost five times its current size by 2035. The region currently produces 220m bottles each year but has forecasted that production volumes will reach 1 billion bottles within the next 25 years. The Managing Director of Bisol estimates that the Veneto and Friuli regions will need to invest around €1.8bn (£1.5bn) to finance this expansion.

Production is set to double within the next two years claims Bisol. 'There are enough vines in the ground for 400m bottles and they will come on stream in 2013,' he added.