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Sparkling wines, are they going screw cap?

Could the sound of popping champagne corks be a thing of the past, a sound that for some is synonymous with celebration? Indeed some wine buffs claim that the pop of the cork is actually bad for the bubbles.

Italian company Guala Closures has launched Viiva, a screwcap closure for sparkling wine. The group claim one of the major advantages is that the closure can maintain bubbles for weeks after opening even when laid on its side. It's safe and easy to open, can be re-sealed without any damage to the quality of the fizz. This increases the opportunities for sales of by-the-glass sales and drinking.The manufacturers also claim it simplifies the supply chain by eliminating the need for cork, cage and hood fixtures which make up the traditional closure. Guala partnered with glass manufacturer Owens-Illinois (O-I) and Australian winemakers De Bortoli Wines to develop this 5 year project.

The closure was officially launched in Australia last week with De Bortoli’s Willowglen and Trevi ranges. Around 85% of Australian still wines now sport the screw cap, and in everyday quaffers, a cork is something of a novelty.