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WSET Level 3 Wine Tasting Exam Support

We offer a number of support materials for all students of the WSET Level 3 Award in Wine. The materials can help distance-learning students and any students that are worried about passing the Tasting Exam or want to achieve higher marks. Most are avaialble world wide. However we only ship wine within the EU.

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Guide to the WSET Level 3 Wine Tasting Exam

Our guide to the WSET comprises 4 pages of detailed information, tips and tricks that will help students do well in their Wine Tasting Exam. When used alongside the free audio guide it gives students many practical ways to improve their Tasting Exam marks.

The pack includes:

  • Two pages that guide you through the SAT with plenty of tips and tricks to maximise your marks
  • Wine colour guide
  • How the exams are marked and how to use this information to improve your marks
  • The most common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Wine development guide
  • The flavours to expect for the key grape varieties, including climate information

When you purchase this pack, you will be able to download it anytime within 6 months from the date of purchase.

ThirtyFifty's WSET Level 3 Wine Tasting Guide. £10
ThirtyFifty's WSET Level 3 Wine Tasting Guide
COST  £10 Buy

ThirtyFifty's Audio Guide to Decoding the WSET L3 Systematic Approach to Tasting.

All listeners will gain valuable insights into tasting and preparing for the their wine tasting exam.

Listen to more of ThirtyFifty's WSET L3 Podcasts

We have a number of audio tracks similar to this one that are designed to help WSET Level 3 students. You can access them here.

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Tasting Note Feedback

Over 25% of marks lost in the WSET L3 Tasting Exam can be easily avoided. By sending us a tasting note you have written, we will analyse your tasting note style and provide recommendations to avoid common errors and improve your mark. This product is available worldwide but only in English.

We are not able to mark whether you identified the correct acidity, colour, aromas etc. as we aren't tasting the wine! However, we will be able to advise where you have lost marks and recommend how you can improve your tasting note.

After you purchase this pack you will be able to access instructions on this page.

WSET Level 3 Wine Tasting Note Analysis. £30
WSET Level 3 Wine Tasting Note Analysis
COST  £30 Buy

Over 500 multi-choice & short written answer questions to help you pass the WSET L3 Award in Wines, available for £20.

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Our clients say...

I thought the questions were excellent, an extremely valuable revision tool. They really helped highlight areas I thought I had revised and understood but clearly had not, which has enabled me to focus on key areas to revisit and study before going into the exam... I think it is a great resource and an essential revision aid for any WSET 3 students wishing to gain a competitive edge and successfully pass the WSET 3 exam.

Gini (Australia) - WSET Level 3 Question

I just wanted to say a big thanks for your great attitude and professional, straightforward tuition which helped me pass the exam with distinction.   It was a great course with a happy end!

Filip - WSET Level 3