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Scotland has implemented minimum alcohol pricing

As of the 1st May 2018, Scotland has introduced minimum pricing for alcohol. Minimum prices are based on 50p per unit of alcohol. A 12% bottle of wine is equivalent to 9 units or a minimum price of £4.50. While a gutsy 15% wine will be £5.63.

The minimum pricing law was passed in 2012, and after the last legal challenge failed by the Scottish Whisky association, it was cleared for implementation.

Given that there is no evidence that this sort of pricing works, a sunset clause has been written into the legislation for 6 years’ time. Scottish ministers will need to pass new laws to continue the experiment after 2024.

Many drinks businesses on the English side of the Scottish border are gearing up for an uptick in business. With the classic British booze cruise moving from England and Calais to Scotland and England.

The loss in business will mainly affect the Scottish drinks retailers as it is thought that most pubs and restaurants already charge more than the minimum price.