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Wine tasting experts ThirtyFifty offer wine tastings for private parties and corporate entertainment in a range of formats tailored to suit the occasion. Our corporate wine tastings let you have fun with colleagues and entertain clients while learning about wine. Our private parties are a great excuse to get friends together or celebrate a special occasion. We hope you'll enjoy exploring our website for wine tasting ideas and inspiration, read more »

Wine Tasting

As an innovative business that has grown rapidly throughout the last decade, ThirtyFifty has evolved to become one of the leading suppliers of wine tasting courses and events in the United Kingdom. Having trained themselves extensively with the support of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, founders Chris and Jane Scott decided there was so much more to the drink than they previously thought and so worked to bring a truly exceptional wine tasting days and evenings to wine enthusiasts in the comfort of their own homes.

It’s this personalised wine tasting experience that has proved so popular with those passionate about wine; the event is notoriously good fun and can be tailored to any occasion. Get your friends together for a catch up and sample of the globe’s finest tipples, or book a slot as a warm-up for a hen party or larger birthday party – the choice is entirely yours and each wine tasting can be tailored to your exact needs. Many clients decide to opt for a specially-themed tasting that showcases wines from a particular region, for example, while others look forward to the opportunity to try a variety of styles and grape varieties. You can even choose to book a champagne tasting if you’re celebrating something particularly special.

The couple initially serviced inner and greater London yet are now in a position to bring their unique wine tastings to people throughout many areas of the UK, including further into Wales and Scotland. The company can also organise larger-scale events at a venue of your choice, including pubs, restaurants and hotels, and is especially renowned for its top-class corporate wine tastings. Take out your team or department for the evening and thank them for their hard work by allowing them to experience something distinctively different.

The practical yet light-hearted wine tastings on offer from ThirtyFifty are not only a great introduction to wine – they’ll teach you something new and break the ice with colleagues, resulting in better team relationships and a common talking point amongst employees for months to come.

Wine Tastings

So what is it about modern-day wine tastings that appeal to such a wide audience? Amazingly, these kinds of events can be enjoyed by anyone of a legal drinking age – all that unites guests is their curiosity and keenness to learn more about the origins of the drink and the delicate processes behind each and every bottle. Wine tastings allow you to get to grips with the age-old ‘sniff, swirl, slurp’ technique too, as it’s this practice that will help you determine the age and style of the wine itself.

If you’d like to go one step further than wine tastings and take part in any of ThirtyFifty’s exclusive wine tasting programmes, you’ll find plenty of courses and seminars taking place up and down the UK. Many of the company’s representatives are based in the capital but you’re sure to find events taking place at a town or city near you. ThirtyFifty has developed a well-established Learning Zone which offers a wealth of information about the topic and has grown to become a hub of information for all those passionate about wine tasting.