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The Institute of Masters of Wine with Penny Richards Part 1

This show was published 04 May 2018


Penny Richards is a director at the Institute of Masters of Wine. Penny talks to us about the Institute and their members, who must all be in the wine trade. The application process is pretty rigorous in itself, which starts at the beginning of June and takes 2 months, and they do reject some applicants if they feel the candidate does not have what it takes to pass. They are a non-profit organisation. fastest you can pass the MW is 3 years. Stage 1 study programme in September at the end of stage 1 in June you have to sit a test comprising tastings and theory. If you are successful you go through to Stage 2 if not you can take time out or re-sit the test. At the end of the first year of Stage 2 students sit their MW exams with 8 exams over 4 days. Once you have sat those you have to write a research paper which can take another year or more - there is no set time limit. There are 370 MWs in 28 different countries and currently they have about 360 students in 40 countries.


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