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Spotlight on How to Choose a WSET Course Provider

This show was published 10 November 2023


Chris poses 10 questions to help students decide how and where to study for a WSET qualification.

Format? In-person or online or live-streamed class
Frequency? Consecutive or condensed, days or evenings
Pre-course prep? How much prep is best ahead of the course starting
Are materials provided ahead of the course start?
The wines - are you all tasting the same wines in class and calibrating with the tutor?
What do you know about the tutor? Find out who is actually going to be teaching you and how often they run the course.
Are any additional materials provided over and above the WSET study pack? Do they have other learning resources, such as flash cards, mock exam Q&As.
What happens if I miss a class? Check if the school can share video recordings of the classes if you have to miss one.
How many tutors will you have? Is it a single tutor for the course or multiple tutors.
Communication? Can you get hold of the course administrators when booking your course and during, is there communication between each class with the tutor or a tasting group with students to be part of.


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