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Welsh seek to prove it's not just all-male choirs and rugby they're good at!

Leading the charge, Richard Morris of award-winning Ancre Hill Estates at Monmouth and 17 Welsh vineyards are seeking to re-form a Welsh Vineyard Association (WVA) to promote this blossoming industry in Wales. So far 14 of Wales' 17 producers have supported the proposals.

The WVA would seek to be affiliated to the United Kingdom Vineyards Association. Richard believes the association would have a positive impact on Wales becoming recognised within the UK and worldwide as a quality wine producing area and would encourage cross-fertilisation of ideas between the businesses.

If you're not convinced check it out for yourself...Producers have created a Wine Trail Wales leaflet to promote wine tourism during Welsh Wine Week while a website to promote all the country’s vineyards from Anglesey to Monmouthshire has also been launched.

During wine week many Welsh vineyards will be open to the public for tours and other events and a series of national promotions have been planned to raise awareness of the quality and breadth of the wine industry in Wales.