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Did the Supermoon affect wines?

According to those who believe in biodynamics last week's supermoon could have had a positive affect on the taste of wines and the development of vines across the world. Our good friend Monty Waldin suggested to Decanter last week, 2 ways in which he thought the biggest moon in 48 years could effect vineyards. Firstly, the Moon’s closeness to the Earth brings a ‘winter mood’ to plants, as plant sap is said to concentrate in the vine roots. This could make white wines taste less fruity and smell less aromatic, and could make reds taste more tannic than usual. Secondly, the Moon, being full, brings a ‘summer mood’ to plants by reflecting sunlight back to Earth which otherwise would be ‘lost’. This could make wines taste more fruity and smell more aromatic and could make reds taste rounder, plumper. Of course, there is much division in the wine world over biodynamic principles, and even some followers of biodynamics disagree on the extent to which the calendar and lunar cycles physically affect the taste and development of wine.