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Domaine Amirault Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil les Quarterons France 2018
It has been aged on the lees in Burgundy casks for a year to bring roundness and subtlety. The colour is an unexpectedly deep purple, and the bouquet combines black fruits and spice. This ripe Cabernet Franc shows the special intense character of old vines, powerful, rich palate balanced by subtle oak and soft tannins and a satisfying finish of lingering autumn fruit.



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Grape varieties

Cabernet Franc


The Loire Valley in the North West of France stretches from the Atlantic ocean, far east and inland to the continentally influenced Sancerre. And in between there are all manner of interesting wines being made, many of which are underrated outside France..


Shiraz and Zinfandel both feature here due to the ripe fruit flavours overlaid with spice. For Shiraz you’ll notice white or black pepper on the nose where Zinfandel will remind you of a spicy fruitcake, think cherries & cinnamon. These wines smell good, look good and taste good.

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Catena Malbec Mendoza Argentina 2019
Ripe damson aromas with a hint of oak followed on the palate with intense rich fruit integrated with ripe tannins.
Pauletts Shiraz Polish Hill River Clare Valley Australia 2018
A typical jammy, spicy Australian Shiraz with aromas of blackberry, plum and chocolate. Well structured with supple tannins having spent 18 months ageing in American oak barrels.

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