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Could Fife become the new Loire Valley?

Award winning food writer Christopher Trotter is banking on predictions of climate change to make Fife in Scotland a wine growing region with conditions the equivalent of the Loire Valley in 10 years time. He has planted 100 vines in the garden of his home in Upper Largo, Fife, enough to make 1200 bottles of Chateau Largo which could then be on the shelves in 2015. Christopher has planted three varieties of vines from a Ryedale vineyard in Yorkshire which are disease-resistant, known for early ripening and can withstand colder climates. If they manage to produce a decent bottle the plan is to look for investors to make it possible to plant the whole area.

The last attempt to produce a Scottish wine, was by high profile South African chef Peter Gottgens in Perthshire which failed when his hotel went into administration last year.