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The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Scotland can set a minimum price for alcohol

On Wednesday the UK Supreme Court ruled that the Scottish minimum alcohol pricing legislation created by Scotland did not break European law paving the way for minimum prices to be introduced in 2018.

We reported that a couple of weeks ago that Wales was joining Scotland to pass minimum price for alcohol, but that the Scottish legislation was had been held up in court for years, as the Scottish Whisky Association fought the law, claiming it was in breach of European law.
The ruling will see the Scotland introduce a minimum price for alcohol. It is thought that the initial minimum price will be at 50p per unit of alcohol. To put this into context, a bottle of 12% abv wine has 9 units setting a minimum price of £4.50 for a 750ml bottle.

The move follows on from other legislation that stopped multi-purchase discounted offerings in Scotland a number of years ago.