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Coravin with Greg Lambrecht

This show was published 15 July 2022


Greg Lambrecht is the inventor of Coravin, the system that lets you pour wine by the glass or tasting measure and then come back to the wine (preserved in the bottle) weeks or months later, or even years.

Coravin was launched in 2013 in the US and expanded to Europe and Asia over 2014 and 2015. It is now used across the world by restaurants and the hospitality industry as well as in the home. We discuss how, crucially, the pricing of the capsules has decreased to bring down the cost per glass.

We talk about the newer formats such as Pivot (entry level system) and their latest device for sparkling wines which can preserve the fizz for at least a month. They spent 8 years developing the system and then 4 years to test, partnering with Champagne house Moet Hennessy during the pandemic before bringing to market. It has a universal stopper that allows no CO2 out or oxygen into the bottle. Coravin Sparkling can also work on beer.

Greg explains his 4 Cs: Clean, Clear, Cellar and Cork. How you maintain and use your system matters, so technique will help get the best performance out of your Coravin.


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