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Bit more pop than expected!

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board have asked consumers across the state who bought “Indegiounous Selections Prosecco Brut 2013” to dispose of their bottles after incidents of the sparkling wine spontaneously exploding have occurred. Consumers will be offered a refund. The reason why these bottles exploded is not certain yet, but storage temperature could be to blame - the Liquor board are working with the vendor to establish what happened. The explosions occurred in state stores and a spokesperson said the cork pops and the glass shatters, and that’s glass coming at you at 50 miles per hour.

Recently Coravin stopped selling their wine preservation device because it was causing bottles to explode. The American product, formerly known as Wine Mosquito, uses a needle to pierce the cork extract wine one glass at a time and inject inert gas to preserve the rest. Seven bottles exploded one causing lacerations to the user. The company is currently working on a solution. Drinking wine can be a dangerous business folks!