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Rudy Kurniawan wine fraudster movie released

We've reported on several occasions about the Rudy Kurniawan wine fraud case and now you can see the film. The documentary/film Sour Grapes has just been released at a festival in North America. A first UK screening is due in the UK in June. The directors have tried to make a film that appeals to both wine enthusiasts and a general audience. It covers the topic of wine fraud and in particular the case of Rudy Kurniawan who was sentenced to 10 years in 2014. The documentary also features a whole host of people involved in Kurniawan's case including collector Bill Koch. It shows the moment Laurent Ponsot realised Kurniawan was selling wine from his family's domain from a year they hadn't produced and got on the first plane to New York. The distributors Dogwoof describe the movie as a humorous and suspenseful tale.