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Jacbos Creek forged in the UK

It seems that whilst widespread fraud of top Bordeaux worth hundreds of pounds has been rife in China, the UK has been in receipt of the more moderately priced, fake Jacobs Creek.

600 bottles were seized from London off-licences and Havering Council alone seized 340 bottles from 19 of its retailers. The imitation Jacob’s Creek bottles contain “inferior quality wine”, although nothing hazardous, and are being offered to retailers for £2 each. They have been found on shelves for the same retail price as the genuine product.

A Trading Standards officer, said the illegal wine has come from China and looks very similar to the original product, but has spelling mistakes in the small print. One example shows the country of origin is spelt ‘Austrlia’ instead of Australia.

Counterfeit Wine seems to be a recent but growing problem across the country and has been mostly confined to the south. So far it has consisted of fictional Champagne brands containing sparkling wine and other well known brands containing poor quality wine.