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WSET Wine Course Testimonials

In 2020 we ran all of our WSET courses online, live-streamed via Zoom classrooms, led by our tutors Chris, Abbie and Mark. We've achieved outstanding results using this method of delivering the courses, well above the average for the WSET as a whole at every level. Our students have also had free access to ThirtyFifty's online resources (mock exam questions, flash cards) which has contributed to the results.

In Level 1, 100% of our students passed the online exam. In Level 2, 98% of students passed the online exam - 62% with distinction and 26% with merit. For Level 3 we had 78% of students pass (WSET average is 60%) and, of those, 19% achieved a distinction and 58% achieved a merit.

Here is some feedback and thank you notes from our L1, L2 and L3 students...

WSET Level 3 Online Resources, Oct 2023
Dear ThirtyFifty

This is just to thank you for the fantastic learning products you have. I did my WSET level 3 in Edinburgh in person. I purchased and utilised the flashcards and exam practice products. I listened to pretty much all the podcasts which brought my learning to life. I am absolutely certain that spending the time studying using your products lead to my distinction.

Thank you!

WSET Level 2 Wine Course, Sep 2023
Hi Jane, Tom & Mark

Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent course. I had a great time in both Tom’s & Mark’s classes and Jane, you were helpful in accommodating my last min, hybrid booking! My aim was to learn more about something I love and have fun - and I got both so thank you. 

Have a good week 


WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Sep 2023
Thank you for the excellent news! In October, I almost wanted to give up on wine, so merit is not that bad! And, of course, it would only be achieved with you, Chris and Abbie.
I will start the Diploma in March, by the way :) 

Thanks a lot,

WSET Level 3 Podcast, Jun 2023
Good afternoon Jane,

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved the WSET Level 3 podcast and recommend it (as well as your other recourses) to everyone I know taking the exam. 

Thank you so much to you and Chris for creating such wonderful resources!


WSET Level 2 Wine Course - Online, Jun 2023
Dear Jane,

I hope this email finds you well!

I just wanted to thank you very much for your assistance during the course—I felt prepared for the exam today and our classes with Mark really helped to emphasise the key concepts that came up in the exam—fingers crossed for the results!

As a NB: I’m from South Africa, and I’m just about discovering the styles of wines that I really enjoy. I was curious to find out from you if you have any particular South African favourites when it comes to Grenache, Syrah or Merlot that I should keep an eye out for?

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much!


WSET Level 3 Wine Course, May 2023
Dear ThirtyFifty

I thought that the quality of the teaching material at Thirty Fifty was first rate. Chris and Jane Scott have thought deeply about an teaching approach that complements the WSET content in a systematic yet compelling manner. I found the approach to be more intuitive and user friendly than my earlier experiences with WSET - and their Thirty Fifty's exam statistics speak for themselves. The wine curriculum at Thirty Fifty has given me a tremendous foundation with which to taste, discuss and investigate wines and wine regions.

Thank you!

WSET Level 2 Wine Course, Feb 2023
Hi Jane

Thank you for the results, very relieved and pleased to get a distinction 😀.

I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot, Mark was a very good teacher.

I am deciding whether to do level 3 as I found the tasting quite hard so I will need to get in a bit of practice I think. Will look out for future dates after the summer.

Thank you

WSET Level 2 Wine Course, Feb 2023
Hi Jane

100% wow!! I'm thrilled with the result!
My feedback is I loved the course! Tom was so interesting and engaging and I loved all his wine stories!

Many thanks

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Jan 2023
Wow thanks Jane.

I am obviously very pleased and if I’m honest a bit surprised. I thought a merit might be a possibility with a bit of luck but I thought a distinction was well out of reach, so I am very thrilled.

Please can you pass on my thanks to Abbie and Chris for the excellent tuition and also for the fantastic tuition aids. The flash cards in particular were a godsend!

Best regards


WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Jan 2023
(on passing with Distinction)

Great news!…. And the sun is shining for once!

Thanks for being a brilliant course provider…..the flash cards were amazing, Abbie and Chris were great educators and I’ve made some lovely new wine friends!

Kind regards

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Jan 2023
Thank you Jane for the great news, I can surely celebrate tonight.
I look forward to receiving the certificate in due course.
Thanks again to you, Chris and Abbie for the assistance in achieving a Distinction pass grade. I really found the course brilliant and easy to digest with the star of the show going to those amazing flash cards which I went through 17K plus I believe.

Kind regards

WSET Level 3 Wine Course , Oct 2022
(on passing with Merit)

Hello Jane & Chris

Thank you so much for the great news. I worked so hard and found the exam a challenge. I knew most of the answers but wasn't sure if explained it adequately until now. I keep reading the exam results to make sure it wasn't a mistake lol.
I truly appreciate all the support from Thirty-fifty and happy to recommend the course to others.

Many thanks

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Oct 2022
Hi Jane and Chris

Thank you so much, for everything!! You wouldn’t believe how happy I am with this result!!! I had a big fear I was going to fail!

I have written a little review for you below...

I have studied with ThirtyFifty for my Level 1, 2 and 3 WSET and loved every second!! I chose Thirty Fifty for my Level 1 during Covid as they offered an online day long course and I wanted to achieve something during furlough, little did I know the door I was opening, how much more there was to the world of wine, and how much I loved learning about the subject. Thanks to Thirty Fifty I can now say I have a Merit in Level 3 (haven’t stopped smiling since I found out)! I am now also perusing a career in wine and thinking about taking the Level 4 WSET, in which I will be using the ThirtyFifty Level 4 resources!

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Sep 2022
Dear Jane

That’s such fantastic news, thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and couldn’t recommend it more! Abbie was fabulous, knowledgable and engaging.

Thank you again

WSET Level-3 Online Resources, Jun 2022
Dear Jane & Chris,

Hope you both are well. I just want to say a massive thank you for your brilliant WSET flash cards and podcast. They helped me so much during my level 3 study and I just received the exam result: I passed with merit!

I studied WSET Level 2 with Thirtyfifty last year and I passed my exam with distinction. I wanted to continue my level 3 study with you but unfortunately, I couldn’t make any of the course dates, so I had to sign up somewhere else instead. English is my second language, so some of the academic writing and phrasing in the text book were not clear enough to me. Many thanks to your flash cards, they helped me quickly understand what the key information was in each chapter. I used them every single day during my study and recommended them to my classmates all the time.

I had the honour to meet Chris in person on his wine tasting night in Birmingham a couple of months ago. My friends and I were so impressed by his excellent hospitality, knowledge and characters. We all had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the wines he prepared. It was a very special night for us because we just started our own wine club a little while ago. Chris suggested London Wine Fair to us, so I’ve got the ticket and really looking forward to it next week. We took a lot of inspirations from ThirtyFifty and definitely would love to join more of your events in future.

Wish you all the very best and have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

Many many thanks, Elora (Yijiao)

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Jun 2022
Hi Jane and Chris,

It's been a few years since I studied for my Level 3 with Thirty Fifty. I am now a non-exec director with the Wine Society and I have you and Chris to thank for making my pass my Level 3!
I just wanted to say congratulations on the 20 years, here's to the next 20 and onwards!

Kind regards

WSET Level-3, May 2022
Hi Jane,

Thank you, that’s so great to hear and definitely made my day on Friday!
Really pleased to have achieved a Merit.

Thank you so much to you and Chris for everything, the course was excellent and very well organised, all the materials really helped for revision too. Hopefully see you both in some capacity again sometime!

I have also passed on thanks to Tom via our whatsapp group, he was a fantastic tutor.

Best wishes,


WSET Level 1 Wine Online/Zoom Course, May 2022
Dear Jane

Many thanks for sending my result. I must admit it is quite a relief. Thank you so much for the course and for keeping me updated, it was a truly great experience and very informative. Robert was an exceptional instructor.

I am interested in receiving my level 2 certificate at some point, however it may not be for quite some time.

Many thanks once again.

Kind regards

WSET Level 1 Wine Course, May 2022
Dear Jane,

Thank you very much for your email. This course was very enjoyable and gave me a wealth of knowledge about wine.

As well, I would like to thank Abbie for delivering such an enlightening lecture and for offering wine tastings. She is a truly wonderful lecturer.

Thank you very much and have a nice evening.

Best regards,

WSET Level 3 Wine Online Resources, Apr 2022
Hello both,

Greetings from California. Took my WSET 3 exam yesterday. Wanted to extend a personal thank you for your hard work and the material you provided.

Simply stated- i wouldn’t have done as well or let alone pass without it. The podcasts were outstanding especially the “spotlight series” which i listened to each one 6+ times the weeks prior to examination. It really helped to listen to something during car rides.

Flash cards were excellent way of reviewing the material. The maps weren’t as fruitful for me. Short answer library is very most thorough. I know others are doing YouTube videos but those aren’t as easily digestible.

And you’re right- we got a question on muscats as our fortified so it really behooves you to study it all.

I’ll keep you both updated when I receive my results. Thank you again for all your hard work; I really enjoy the podcasts.

With kind regards,

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines, Apr 2022
Hi Jane

Thank you very much for sending me my results.
I just wanted to thank both you and Chris for all your help. I really enjoyed the course and I found the flash cards to be incredibly useful.
So thrilled with my result!

Best wishes,

(on passing with merit)

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Apr 2022
Hi Jane,

Certificate received!

A massive thank you to both yourself and Chris for the course and all the extra materials you guys provided through ThirtyFifty. I'm dead chuffed.

On to the next one!

Many thanks,

WSET Level-3, Apr 2022

Hi Jane,

I'm so chuffed with that result, and it came at a perfect moment, sitting on a terrace in Cornwall drinking SA Chenin Blanc in the sun.

Thanks for all the amazing support in helping me get the result.

Every element of the course was excellent, from the trainers, the facilities, the course structure and even Chris's sense of humour. What I loved most about the course were the unique ThirtyFifty study pack, tasting guide and digital flashcards. I think these features, especially the flashcards made a big difference and really helped me to get my Pass with Merit. Thanks again all at ThirtyFifty.

Cheers Mat

WSET Level 2 Wine Course - Virtual Live-Streamed Class, Mar 2022
Hi Jane

Thank you for letting me know my result. I expected a distinction but not 100%. Please thank Chris for his excellent teaching and 30:50 for their teaching materials. I averaged 96% on the practice papers but going through all the flash cards prior to the exam obviously made the difference. I hope you and Chris enjoy this result as much as I do.

Best wishes


WSET Level 2 Online Wine Course, Nov 2021
Hi Jane

It was very nice to meet you today. I have really enjoyed the course and have learned so much.

Robert is an excellent teacher; he was very knowledgeable, answered all our questions (many beyond the content of the materials) and explained everything so clearly. Robert was very approachable, encouraged participation from everyone and created a really friendly and fun environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it without reservation.

Thanks for everything, Jane! I will be sure to sign up for Level 3 when work has calmed down a bit!

Thanks again


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Oct 2021
Hi Jane

Thanks so much for the brilliant news, I'm very happy.

Also thanks to Chris, his relaxed demeanour in the exam helped.
And special thanks to Abbie - she was a very good teacher, very patient and good at explaining the facts.

Thanks again,

WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Oct 2021
On passing L3 with Merit

Hi Jane

I am very happy with the results!
Except for the multiple choice part, I think the exam was quite difficult.

I am very satisfied with your school and Chris as a teacher!
The flashcards and your exam questions were very good.
The exam questions reflected the level of knowledge needed at the exam.

best regards

WSET Level 2 Wine - Classroom Course, Sep 2021
Dear Jane and Chris

Many thanks for an excellent course with a superb tutor - Chris. Whatever the exam result, it was well worth doing. I have learnt so much. I would certainly recommend you.

Best wishes


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Sep 2021
(on passing L3 with Merit)

Aaaahhhh! Thank you so much for sharing the good news Jane - I’m absolutely delighted! I honestly wasn’t sure that I had passed at all and would have been ecstatic with a pass so to pass with merit has made me so happy!

Huge thanks to Abbie for being a wonderful teacher and to you guys for all the resources.

You’ve made my week :-)


WSET Level 3 Flash Cards, Sep 2021
Thank you for the Level 4 flash cards - they are so helpful! I'm sure the cards helped me pass my level 3 -- the theory part I passed with Distinction! They are really great study aids.



WSET Level 3 Wine Podcast & Online Resources, Sep 2021
Just a quick note to say “thank you” Jane and Chris. Didn’t study thru you but bought your WSET sample questions and listened to your WSET 3 podcasts and got my results yesterday and passed. A lot down to what you “taught” me hence a quick “thank you”!


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Sep 2021
Hi Jane,

That’s great, thanks so much!

Abbie was very good, firm but fair!

Thanks again and also please thank Chris as he was very good for calming nerves on the day!


WSET Level 2 Online Wine Course, Jun 2021
Hi Jane,

I just wanted to send a message of thanks to you, Chris and, especially Mark for a thorough and well presented course for the last 3 Mondays (WSET 2).

I learnt so much and I want to keep on learning.

Hopefully, I will be doing the WSET 3 in the future.

Kind regards,

WSET Level 2 Online Wine Course, Jun 2021
Dear Jane,

Thank you so so much! I am over the moon! I absolutely loved the course and all the resources were fab!

I’m definitely interested in doing my level 3 but will have to be at a time when I have a good amount of time at home and not working on the yacht.

Thanks again for all your help,

WSET Level 2 Online Wine Course, Jun 2021
Hi Jane,

Thanks for the fantastic news! I am sure all the support from Mark and the education materials were a strong contributor to me passing.


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Jun 2021
Dear Jane

Thank you so much for your email. That's fantastic news and I am absolutely thrilled!

I seriously enjoyed the course. Abbie was a great tutor and a huge help. I have recommended the course to many of my friends.

Kind regards

WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, May 2021
Dear Jane,

That’s great news - thank you very much! Thank you & Chris for the course, and particularly to Abbie - she was an excellent tutor. Knowledgeable, fun, and I was extremely impressed how she managed to keep energy levels through long days on zoom!

Now off to apply my (little) knowledge!

Hope you have a great summer

All the best


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, May 2021
Hi Jane,

That’s great to hear! Thank you so much for all of your help!! It was an excellent course and the extra resources you provided made such a massive difference.

Thank you!


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, May 2021
Dear Jane

Many thanks for your email and this fantastic news. I really enjoyed the course, and Abbie was great. Looking forward to continue exploring the wine world.

All the best to you and Chris.

Kind regards


WSET Level 1 Wine Course Online, Mar 2021
On achieving 100% pass mark:

Hello Jane,

Wow, that's amazing news!! I did enjoy the course very much - Mark did a great job preparing us for the exam and I found the flash cards a great resource to reinforce my learning.

I'm definitely looking at doing the Level 2 course, probably in November so that I have quite a bit of time to prepare :)

Best wishes,

WSET Online, Mar 2021
Hi Jane,

Many thanks indeed for sharing this wonderful news!

I'm delighted to have passed my WSET Level 2 exam with Distinction and so enjoyed my studies with Rachael and ThirtyFifty.
Thank you very much.

Following my studies, I'm now working in Wine Retail and relishing my new career; hosting tastings, learning about merchandising, driving wine sales face-to-face and over the phone. It's my dream come true!

I plan to continue my wine education, progressing to Level 3. I can complete this as part of my workplace training, supported by the business, although am also interested in self-sponsoring my studies as I had such a positive experience with ThirtyFifty.
I will be in touch if I decide to proceed with the latter route. The learning aids provided last time were invaluable!

Thanks again for sharing the lovely news and my best wishes to you, Rachael and the ThirtyFifty team.

Warm Regards,


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Mar 2021
Hi Jane,

Thank you so much, I am over the moon!

I am gobsmacked that I passed both courses with distinction. Before joining level 2 my wine knowledge was literally non existent and I thought it would be nice to learn a thing or two. But Abbie’s course was so interesting and engaging that I went on to do level 3. Abbie was fun, encouraging and very supportive. She would even reply to occasional late evening questions about German wine laws etc and not once said that my tasting notes were rubbish (I know some were).

By the way, the other day I bumped into a wine consultant who also did his level 3 with ThirtyFifty, so we spent a good 10 minutes chatting about flash cards and mnemonics and how helpful it was.

Thanks a lot ThirtyFifty - it was the best thing that happened during the lockdown.


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Mar 2021
Thanks Jane. I am really pleased with my results.

In terms of feedback, I can only say really positive things about Abbie. She was technically excellent, and had a phenomenal grasp of the content whilst delivering the teaching in an fun and engaging manner. She went above and beyond to make herself available to all her students to answer any questions we had or anything that needed clarifying. I should mention all the great resources made available to us by ThirtyFifty - these really helped me prepare for the long written exam questions. I really enjoyed the course as a result.


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Mar 2021
Dear Jane,

Thank you very much for the great news!

Abbie was a great teacher, she made everything much easier and was always ready to help. I remember I couldn't wait for the Sunday lesson with her, it was always very intense but at the same time interesting and fun!
What really made the difference were the flash cards, the podcast and the mock exams! Thank you for taking the time of doing those, I wouldn't have got the same result without those!

Once again, thank you very much and I will suggest ThirtyFifty to anyone interested in WSET that I meet from now on.


WSET Level 3 Online Resources and Podcast, Mar 2021
Hi Jane

Thank you again for your help. I’m really enjoying all of the Thirty Fifty resources, including the podcast.

I’m an Aussie and it’s nice to hear Chris’ chilled Kiwi style. It makes wine and the wine world feel far more approachable and fun, when it can often feel so stuffy and exclusive.

Thanks so much to you guys


WSET Level 2 Award in Wine Online, Feb 2021
On passing with Merit:

That's great news to hear! Mark was a wonderful instructor. Online instruction isn't easy and he did a great job of keeping it engaging.


UK Wine Show Podcast, Feb 2021
Just wanted to say thanks for the UK Wine Show - helped me so much with my diploma studies and helped me pass - listened on my commute. Keep up the good work!


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Jan 2021
On passing with Merit

Hi Jane

Thank you for your support in arranging etc throughout the L3 course.

Please also pass my thanks to Chris for his teaching, his podcasts and flash cards were extremely useful and definitely helped a lot!



WSET Level 2 Online Wine Course, Nov 2020
Hi Jane and Mark,

I just wanted to drop you an email to say that I thought the exam went really well on Saturday and the IT side of things all worked out fine (I think/hope!). It certainly seemed easier than I thought it was going to be. Now looking forward to finding out the results.

I really enjoyed the course over the 3 Saturdays. I thought it was really well delivered and I enjoyed the wine tastings too. I would definitely recommend you.

Hope you have a good break over the festive season.

Many thanks

WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Nov 2020
On passing with Merit...

Dear Jane,

Thank you for your e-mail and for sharing the good news!

Thoroughly enjoyed studying the course and I am so pleased to have completed it with Thirty Fifty. Thank you to Chris and yourself for making the Level 3 available via Zoom! You put in an incredible amount of work in a short period of time, to get it up and running!

Kind Regards

WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Nov 2020
On passing with Merit...

Great news,

Thanks a lot for letting us know I was expecting to wait until Feb so an early new year surprise is very welcome.

I really enjoyed the course really appreciate the great tutoring from Chris and all of the excellent revision aids that were available.

Also the flexibility in taking the exam when we had issues with covid.

Thanks again to you and Chris.

Wish you all the best for the future.

Best regards,


WSET Level 1 Online Wine Course, Nov 2020
H Jane,

A rather belated thank you for very enjoyable and informative the WSET course! Mark was a fountain of knowledge and a lot of fun to listen to, and I can only imagine what a feat of organisation it was for you to get all that stuff out to everyone!

Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to Mark.

Best regards

WSET Level 3 Wine Online Course, Nov 2020
Thank you so much to Chris and Jane at Thirty Fifty for all their support and patient instruction through my WSET L3 course. They have created some fantastic tools to help their students learn and I would thoroughly recommend them as a course provider. The flash cards in particular were very useful for studying, and it took a big load off the learning process to be able to use them. Chris is an engaging, highly knowledgeable teacher who will help you every step of the way.


WSET Level 1 Online Wine Course, Sep 2020
Hi Jane

Tom and I absolutely loved Level 1 on Saturday - we both thought it was very well organised and the materials provided i.e. the book, worksheets and wine were superb. I have to give a special mention to Mark. Both Tom and I thought he gave superb explanations and information, he taught and delivered the knowledge in a very clear and concise way, while also providing an element of fun and enjoyment in which the whole class seemed to really take a lot from.

Thanks again for running such a fun and informative course.

Best Wishes


Louis - WSET L3 Online Resources, Sep 2020
This is a message to Chris Scott;
Just to say thank you for all the efforts you put in helping WSET exam students through the podcasts you record.
I am recently retired and has wine as a hobby. Keep up the great work Chris. I for one, am very grateful to you and your team
Kindest Regards

WSET Level 3 Wine Online Course, Sep 2020
On passing with Merit...

Hi Jane

Thank you for your email, that’s fantastic news.

I really appreciate all the help from Chris and yourself despite the complications with Covid and finishing the course.

I’ll be sure to recommend ThirtyFifty.

If you are ever looking for a decent Terrasses du Larzac for the course or for yourselves please give me a shout!

P.S. I was waiting for the results before opening the Aglianico that Chris gave me, now I can relax and enjoy it 😊

WSET Level 3 Wine Online Course, Sep 2020
On passing with Merit...

Hi Jane

Thank you for your email, that’s fantastic news.

I really appreciate all the help from Chris and yourself despite the complications with Covid and finishing the course.

I’ll be sure to recommend ThirtyFifty.

If you are ever looking for a decent Terrasses du Larzac for the course or for yourselves please give me a shout!

P.S. I was waiting for the results before opening the Aglianico that Chris gave me, now I can relax and enjoy it 😊

WSET Online Level 2 Course, Sep 2020
Dear Jane,

Thank you for great news, wow I am really happy to have passed.

Thank you very much for your support throughout the course. I really enjoyed it and I cannot find words to thank also Abbie. She is an excellent tutor, the course was very intense with long days but Abbie managed to keep us interested, she is very knowledgeable with a great sense of humour. I learned a lot from her, she was very committed and approachable with any queries, also out of course hours, so 5 out of 5 for Abbie.


WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Sep 2020
Dear ThirtyFifty,

Thank you for a really engaging WSET 3 course. Despite being virtual, I learned a ton and actually loved not having to commute anywhere every Saturday. I could tell how much thought you've put into your program and I really appreciate the materials you provided to help us succeed. The flash cards and practice exams helped me understand the way in which WSET wanted me to think about wine and also where I needed to focus more time studying. And, I know that you keep adding to these materials, as you would jot down questions while teaching us, which shows how much you care about your students' success. Lastly I just wanted to let you know how invaluable it was that you provided wine samples and that we could drink the same wine as a group. This is something I wish I had for my level 2 studies (which I also did online but with another provider). With your guidance, we were able to calibrate our palates and have interesting discussions about wine making techniques or geography/climate that could affect the flavors we were tasting or colors we were seeing.

Anyhow, just wanted to say thank you and will definitely miss your class!

All the best,

WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Aug 2020
From Liz on achieving a Pass with Distinction...

Wow Jane, I'm gobsmacked!
Thanks so much to you and Chris.
I very much enjoyed my Level 3 studies with you and Chris' teaching and it was great to meet you both in person at the exam.
I am planning to start the diploma in January.

WSET Online Level 3 Wine Course, Aug 2020
From Victoria, on achieving a Pass with Merit...

Whooo this is excellent news!

Thank you Jane. And please thank Chris too, I couldn’t have done it without his excellent teaching skills.

I also promised a testimonial, feel free to use if you want:

Chris made sure that although classes were held over zoom, everyone was involved in the discussion and it was just as lively as being in a class room. One of the main benefits of having sample wines delivered was the ability to save some for homework, so we had lots of opportunities to practice our tasting note answers under exam conditions. Having done my WSET L2 with a different course provider, I was thoroughly impressed at how much bonus content Thirty Fifty provided. The resources from Thirty Fifty, like the podcast, the flash cards and the mock exam questions, were an enormous help and I doubt I could have taken in so much information, or passed, without them. The exam itself was exceptionally well organised, particularly given the challenging situation. Jane was incredibly welcoming on the exam day, and looking back over the course, had always been on hand to answer any questions about the course.

All the best,

WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, Jun 2020
Hello Jane,

Fantastic, great to hear. I look forward to receiving the certificates. Doesn’t sound like I was that far off the overall distinction?

Thank you to you both as well. I really enjoyed doing the course with Chris. It worked really well virtually, and with the samples. Plus the online practice materials were great too!

Best Regards


WSET Level 2 Online Wine Course, Jun 2020
On achieving a Pass with Distinction...

Great news, thanks for letting me know.

Fantastic til I found out John beat me by 1! LoL

Really enjoyed the course – in terms of feedback I really don’t think the learning diminished at all over Zoom. I am a teacher by trade and I think Zoom and Chris worked very well together; communication, information, ideas, questions, all flowed very well.
The only thing that was lacking was the social interaction, pre and post events – but that was beyond any of our control.
Good fun, and well taught.
The flash card and mock exams were very, very useful in helping revision.

Would love to do L3 – can’t start it in June though,



WSET Level 3 Wine Course, May 2020
Hi guys,

Jut want to thank you for your WSET level 3 example questions and answers, it was super helpful. There are a few of us over here in San Diego that used the material (we bought our own log ins, too!) and four of us in our study group passed with distinction. It was very helpful to us.

Chris Smith

WSET Level 3 Online Wine Course, May 2020
Thank you for letting me know that is great news to hear!

Thanks again to you and Chris, it was a really excellent course and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


ThirtyFifty's Level 3 Wine Resources & Podcast, Mar 2020
Hello Chris,

Thank you so much for getting back to me. Since I sent that email, I am still a huge fan of your show. I teach WSET 3 here in the Finger Lakes and I recommend that all the students listen to your tasting technique episodes as well as the relevant interviews. We had a 100% pass rate for the tasting and one student commented in the evaluation that your recorded episodes about the level 3 tasting technique were a turning point for him understanding the WSET methodology. So thank you for helping us be better educators.

I don't have plans to be in the UK anytime soon but our wines are distributed through Matthew Clark so I will hopefully make a sales trip out there in the near future. Please let me know if you or Jane are in the NY area and would like to visit the Finger Lakes. We would be so happy to host you.

Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into the podcast, it does not go unnoticed.


WSET L3 Podcast, Feb 2020
Hi Chris,

And greetings from Finland!
I quite recently found podcasts in my life. I started driving to work and listening to wine podcasts on my 20 minute drive. You have very top level guests in your show. And I have to say your sound quality is very good. Some podcasts have irrelevant background music and it is impossible to hear what they are talking about while driving.

Especially WSET L3 podcasts are great! I am coming to London next month to join the WSET Educator Training Programme and hopefully start teaching WSET courses here in Finland. Your show is something that I will recommend to everybody. (I have to look into your other training material as well.)



WSET Level 1 Award in Wines, Aug 2019
Hi Jane

Just to say thank you for the course on Saturday - an enjoyable day and great venue. The food pairing exercise was informative as this is something I struggle with. Also interesting choice of wines - im now a converted Australian Shiraz drinker!

Looking forward to receiving results in due course. I've been motivated to learn more in depth about wine and will probably progress to level 2 next year.

Kind regards

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Jul 2019
Hi Chris and Jane,

I wanted to thank you for the role your company played in my wine studies. I took the WSET Level 3 exam at Napa Valley Wine Academy at the end of April. I just got my results this morning and found out I passed with merit in both theory and blind tasting. Your mock exams and tasting podcast played an instrumental role in my success. Thank you very much for what you do!

Thao Moore

WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Jul 2019
ThirtyFifty's Level 3 SAT Guide and Masterclass - 'A no-nonsense approach to standardizing one’s palate to succeed in the WSET program.’


WSET Level 3 Award in Wines Course, Jul 2019
Hi Chris and Jane,

I wanted to thank you for the role your company played in my wine studies. I took the WSET Level 3 exam at Napa Valley Wine Academy at the end of April. I just got my results this morning and found out I passed with merit in both theory and blind tasting. Your mock exams and tasting podcast played an instrumental role in my success. Thank you very much for what you do!


Laura - WSET Level 2 Wine Course, May 2019
Dear Jane,

Thank you so much – I really enjoyed the course with Chris so please send my thanks to him for his passion and enthusiasm whilst teaching the lessons.

All the best

ThirtyFifty's WSET Level 3 Exam Practice Questions, Feb 2019
Hi Chris and Jane,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. My WSET 3 lecturer emailed me today to say I'd passed first time with a credit and distinction!

Being able to revise with your WSET 3 mock questions was so helpful and definitely gave me a huge advantage!

Many many thanks again.


WSET Level 3 Award in Wines Course, Jan 2019
Hi Jane,

Thank you so much!!! I’m beyond excited and pleased, thank you.

Loved the course - it was a lot, but enjoyed it and really looking forward to taking the next step on the wine journey!


(on passing with Merit)

Will - WSET Level 1 Wine Course, Jan 2019
Hi Jane,

Many thanks and yes I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Please pass on my thanks to Camilla - she was fantastic and I didn’t get chance to thank her at the end.

Kind regards,

WSET Level 1 Wine Course, London, Oct 2018
Hi Jane

Thanks for this, really pleased with that result!
Please pass my thanks on to Mark - I had a fantastic day and he made it really easy to learn. I found the day really interesting and was completely engaged throughout.

Kind regards,

Alan - WSET Level 3 Wine Course, London, Jul 2018
That is excellent news. Thanks for letting me know Jane. We are currently in France putting our new wine knowledge to very good use. Thanks to all at thirty fifty for the wonderful programme and the support you gave me. Cheers, Alan

WSET Level 2 Wine Course - London, Jun 2018
Hi Jane,

I wanted to drop you a quick note following our completion of the WSET Level 2 course.

Marty has been an incredible tutor who is clearly so passionate about wine and ran 3 amazing sessions. Marty was engaging throughout and made everyone on the course feel comfortable no matter what their experience level in wine was.

Hopefully a good result in the exam and look forward to doing more with the thirty fifty team in the future!



WSET Level 2 Wine Course, Jun 2018
Hi Marty

Just to say thanks again for your WSET Level 2 course, I found it very enjoyable and although not having taken an exam since school I was surprised and delighted to pass with 'Distinction'.
Hope all the other guys on our course did well - I assume they did thanks to your teaching
Thanks again, thinking about doing level 3 now.

Salud and drink well

Claire - WSET Level 1 Wine Course, May 2018
Thank you, so pleased I passed!
Camilla was a really excellent teacher and I really enjoyed the course. Please pass on my thanks to her.

WSET Level 2 Course, Apr 2018
Hi Jane

Great result - thank you very much! Marty was an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and what I enjoyed was that he was always open to discussion on different wines or peoples perceptions of those wines. Great guy.

Many thanks

WSET Level 2 Wine & Spirits Course, Apr 2018
Hi Marty,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent teaching and course. You made it fun yet covered a lot of ground in a relatively short time. You were also very good in allowing us to ask plenty of questions & give your considered responses, which is a great way to learn.

All the best


WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Feb 2018
Thanks Jane

Wow...that's a real surprise. I really didn't think I'd done quite enough!

I really enjoyed the course and Chris is a great tutor with the right balance of information given in a serious but accessible way, He worked us hard but it was enjoyable ☺

I look forward to receiving my certificate in the near future and wish ThirtyFifty continued success.

Best Wishes


WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Feb 2018
Dear Jane
Thank you so much for letting me know and for the course with Tom I’m pretty sure that the whole group have had an amazing time with him!!! You guys made my Monday

Bernard - WSET Level 3 Wine Course, Feb 2018
Dear Jane,
Thank you very much for this. I am very pleased to have passed - the course was great fun, and of course achieving a good result is also very rewarding. I certainly intend to keep learning, reading, tasting....and perhaps visiting a few vineyards and wineries!

Jonathan (WSET Level 3), Jun 2017
Dear Jane (and Chris!)

Many thanks and I'm really chuffed to have passed!

Couldn't have done it without Chris's excellent teaching and course - quite brilliant! Please pass on my grateful thanks to him.

Hope the rest of the cohort did well too.

Alastair (WSET Level 2 student), Sep 2016

A quick email to thank you for making the course over the last three weeks educational and importantly fun. I really enjoyed the last three weekends learning more about wine and wine tasting, and your infectious enthusiasm made long days seem very short.

Thanks once again.

Angela (WSET Level 1), Sep 2016
Hi Jane

Just a quick thank you for the course on Saturday it was thoroughly enjoyable and the course tutor, Camilla, was great.

Many Thanks

Harshi (WSET Level 2), Jul 2016
Dear Jane,

I am really pleased I passed the Level 2! I mentioned to Garry already that I really enjoyed the course. Gary was a great tutor and made the course informative and fun. Please thank him on my behalf again.

Kind regards

Olivia - WSET Level 1, Apr 2016
Thank you so much for emailing, I am so happy I passed!

Thank you again. I really loved the Level 1 course- very interesting so thank you and Chris.


WSET London - Francois, Apr 2016
Good afternoon to both of you

How is Chris, my trainer during the WSET Level 3? I wanted to merci very much and now that it is over, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated every little tip and wine tasting even though I kept putting forward ONLY FRENCH WINE QUALITY.

I like studying about wine. Maybe I failed the test, maybe I passed (I really hoped that I have passed though because I did study more than the required time, 70 hours in fact and I liked it!) but I feel happy that I took part and I hope to continue. I have just enrolled and paid for the French Wine Scholar course starting in three weeks. I can't get enough.

I hope to see you very soon, at least for wine tasting and for tips for WSET Level 4 if I have passed WSET Level 3.

Regards and keep up the good work Chris, you were an inspiration to all of us!

Matt (Level 3 student), Apr 2016

That's great news - thanks for letting me know. And please also thank Chris for me, he was such a brilliant tutor and I'm so pleased I chose ThirtyFifty as my course provider.

With best wishes,

Kevin, Jul 2015
Hi Jane,

That’s brilliant news thanks - I’m totally chuffed with that! (& a bit gobsmacked to get the Distinction on the Theory paper)

Thanks very much to you & Chris for organising everything, & to Chris for his unique style of presenting/communicating the course - you definitely deserve your new IWC Wine Educator Of The Year award if you can get me to pass like that.

Now I know I’ve passed I look forward to getting my certificate. Do we get another little lapel pin for Level 3? If so I might even risk wearing it every now & then.

And yes, I’ll keep in touch with any news, & will be keeping an eye on the website.

Anyway, as you can tell I’m very happy, so once again - thanks!

Kind regards,

Graham, Jun 2015
I really enjoyed the Level 3 course delivered by Chris. I learnt loads and have been using the skills nearly every night!!!!!

Nancy, Jun 2015
Hi Jane and Chris,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course. Please feel free to quote the below wherever you like!

Thirty Fifty's WSET level 3 course is fantastic. Chris was a wonderful teacher - the combination of his passion, liveliness and experience brought WSET to life. I really appreciated that he had done so much extra work to help us learn as best we could - including tailoring and recreating slides that explained topics in a more digestible way than some of the WSET slides. The 5 week course is great for those pressed for time. It's a serious amount of learning but I feel I was able to learn the necessary material thanks to Chris' excellent understanding of the course and the exam. Many thanks also for letting us take home bottles of wine at the end of the class! I met some lovely people who I hope to see again.

I've written about the course on my blog

Filip (WSET Level 3), Mar 2015
I just wanted to say big thanks for your great attitude and professional straightforward tuition which helped me to pass the exam with distinction. It was a great course with a happy end.
Thanks Chris!

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Chris, Thanks so much for the wine tasting.  We all really enjoyed it and I think you pitched it wonderfully so that those of us who know next to nothing could learn a lot and those who already knew a bit learnt more and got the chance to show off!


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