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En primeur will no longer get a Parker rating

Robert Parker the wine critic is to step down from tasting Bordeaux en primeur after 3 decades of reviewing it. En primeur, or futures, is the system whereby wine is offered for sale while still maturing in barrel, before bottling. The wine is delivered two years later. So how will this change affect the en primeur market? Bordeaux producers are already being heavily criticised for unrealistic pricing particularly on the 2011's, 12's and 13's. It's well known within the wine world that when Parker rates a wine it can seriously affect the price as people respect his opinion. What happens when the weight of a Parker rating is not applied to en primeur? Although Parker has handed the reins over to British reviewer Neal Martin, he will still travel to Bordeaux to taste and rate the 2012 wines in bottle and will also be conducting a retrospective tasting on the 2005 vintage.