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ThirtyFifty's Level 1 Wine Flash Cards - Free Access!

ThirtyFifty has written 250 Flash Card questions to help students prep and pass the WSET Level 1 Award in Wines. These free Flash Card questions are based on the current 2024 WSET Level 1 Award in Wines syllabus and are organised by the chapters of the course text book so that you can use them as you read the book. Alternatively, you can select the Flash Cards at random to test and reinforce your knowledge.

ThirtyFifty is an Approved Programme Provider (APP) for the WSET, offering Level 1, 2 and 3 wine courses. The Level 1 Wine Flash Cards are free for any student to access, all you need to do is to create an account with us and you can then log in to get started!

How to use the Flash Cards

We suggest you begin by selecting individual Chapters to study. You can then rate each Flash Card as Easy, Medium or Hard (the default is set to Medium) so that you can control which Flash Cards you see (e.g. fewer easy ones!). Once you have been through the Chapter, you can try a random selection of questions for that Chapter, to test yourself, based on the level of difficulty you have set.

From experience, the most important flash cards to focus on are Chapter 5: Principal Grape Varieties and Chapter 6: Examples of Wines. There are a large number of different wines you will need to know if you are new to wine they can be difficult to learn them all in class. DO take a look at Chapter 5 & 6 and try to familiarise yourself with them before class.

Flash Cards

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Level 1 Wine Flash Cards

Our Flash Cards have been written to be used in two modes. Initially we recommend using "Follow the Book" mode, (the button to the right of each chapter). The Flash Cards are ordered as they appear in the WSET course text book. As you read each chapter's sub-section, test yourself with the flash cards. As you go, rate each flash card as hard, medium or easy. 'Easy' questions are the ones you already knew the answer to before reading the chapter. 'Hard' questions are flash cards that you think you will have trouble remembering. Everything else stays set to 'Medium'.

The "Random Card mode" can be accessed by selecting the chapters you want to use, then select the button at the top. You can then select the difficulty for questions to display.

For more information how you can study with the flash cards see our study guide.

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Follow the book
1:  What is Wine?
2:  Growing Grapes
3:  Making Wines
4:  Types and Styles of Wines
5:  Principal Grape Varieties
6:  Examples of Wines
7:  Storage and Service of Wine
8:  An Introduction to Tasting
9:  Food & Wine

All Flash Cards are based on the latest WSET Level 1 Wine Specification and the course book "An Introduction to Wine". These Flash Cards have been created independently of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the governing body for the courses.

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Our clients say...

I thought the questions were excellent, an extremely valuable revision tool. They really helped highlight areas I thought I had revised and understood but clearly had not, which has enabled me to focus on key areas to revisit and study before going into the exam... I think it is a great resource and an essential revision aid for any WSET 3 students wishing to gain a competitive edge and successfully pass the WSET 3 exam.

Gini (Australia) - WSET Level 3 Question

I just wanted to say a big thanks for your great attitude and professional, straightforward tuition which helped me pass the exam with distinction.   It was a great course with a happy end!

Filip - WSET Level 3