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ThirtyFifty's Level 3 Wine Practice Questions

ThirtyFifty has written over 500 questions to help our students pass the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. We have decided to make these questions open to all students for £20. The 500+ questions include multiple-choice and short written answer questions (with answers) are based on the latest WSET Level 3 Wine specification and the course book "Understanding Wines: Explaining style and quality". These questions have been created independently of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the governing body for the courses, and as such you will not find these questions elsewhere.

Free Questions

Available for you to trial, we have a Free set of multiple-choice and short written answer questions covering Viticulture.

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All of our exam questions are freely available to our students studying the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines with ThirtyFifty (we are an Approved Programme Provider for the WSET Level 3).

Paid-for Questions

If you are not studying with ThirtyFifty you can access the questions for a small fee of £20. This will give you access to the questions for a period of 12 months. To purchase the questions please see below:

ThirtyFifty's Level 3 Wines: Multiple-choice & Short Written Answer Questions & Answers - £20
All Multiple-choice & Short Written Answer Questions & Answers. Valid for 12 months.
COST  £20 Buy


Exam Practice Questions Format

The order of the questions is based on the typical order of the course. Other course providers may deviate from this. In general you can attempt the questions after you have read the relevant Chapters of the book "Understanding Wines: Explaining Style and Quality". There is a Mini Exam designed to be taken once all material up to Chapter 25 is complete. This is typically on Day 2 if you are doing the course over 5 or 6 Days.

At the bottom of this page are 3 multiple-choice papers (50 questions each) written by ThirtyFifty. Our students can access the official WSET Level 3 mock exam papers in our L3 Student materials section.


Viticulture (Vine-growing) Questions - Free Trial

Chapters 4,5 & 6

Viticulture: Multi choice
25 Questions
Viticulture Q1: Written 15 Marks
Viticulture Q2: Written 11 Marks



Vinification (Wine-making) Questions

Chapters 7,8 & 9

Wine Making: Multi choice
24 Questions
Vinification Q1: Written 16 Marks
Vinification Q2: Written 8 Marks


Bordeaux Questions

Chapter 13

Bordeaux: Multi choice
8 Questions
Bordeaux: Written 12 Marks


The Dordogne and South West France Questions

Chapter 14

South West France: Multi choice
1 Questions


Burgundy & Beaujolais Questions

Chapters 15 & 16

Burgundy: Multi choice
13 Questions
Burgundy & Beaujolais: Written 11 Marks


Alsace Questions

Chapter 17

Alsace: Multi choice
9 Questions


The Loire Valley Questions

Chapter 18

Loire: Multi choice
6 Questions


The Northern & Southern Rhône Questions

Chapters 19 & 20

Rhone: Multi choice
9 Questions
The Northern & Southern Rhône: Written 4 Marks


Southern France Questions

Chapter 21

Southern France: Multi choice
5 Questions


Germany Questions

Chapter 22

German: Multi choice
9 Questions
Germany Q1: Written 19 Marks
Germany Q2: Written 15 Marks


Austria Questions

Chapter 23

Austrian: Multi choice
7 Questions


Tokaj Questions

Chapter 24

Hungarian: Multi choice
6 Questions


Greece Questions

Chapter 25

Greek: Multi choice
4 Questions


Day 2 Mini Exam

These questions are in the style of the final exam and give students a chance to get a feel for the exam. Students should be able to sit this test after completing Chapter 25.

Exam style questions differ from normal questions in that they tend to cover a range of chapters, rather than the more narrow questions that follow each chapter.

Exam Style: Written 12 Marks
Exam Style: Written 8 Marks


Italy (Northern, Central & Southern) Questions

Chapters 26, 27, 28 & 29

Italian: Multi choice
12 Questions
Italy Q1: Written 11 Marks
Italy Q2: Written 7 Marks


Spain Questions

Chapter 30

Spain: Multi choice
15 Questions


Portugal Questions

Chapter 31

Portugal Questions: Multi choice
1 Questions


California, Oregon, Washington and New York Questions

Chapters 32, 33 & 34

USA: Multi choice
13 Questions
California: Written 9 Marks


Canada Questions

Chapter 35

Canadian: Multi choice
4 Questions


Chile Questions

Chapter 36

Chile: Multi choice
8 Questions


Argentina Questions

Chapter 37

Argentinian: Multi choice
5 Questions


South Africa Questions

Chapter 38

South Africa: Multi choice
7 Questions


Australia Questions

Chapter 39

Australian: Multi choice
8 Questions


New Zealand Questions

Chapter 40

New Zealand: Multi choice
2 Questions


Sparkling Wine Questions

Chapters 41 & 42

Sparkling Wine: Multi choice
10 Questions
Sparkling Wine: Written 12 Marks


Sherry Questions

Chapter 43

Sherry: Multi choice
7 Questions


Port Questions

Chapter 44

Port: Multi choice
10 Questions


Fortified Muscats Questions

Chapter 45

Other Fortified: Multi choice
3 Questions


Wine & Food Questions

Chapter 2

Food and Wine Matching: Multi choice
6 Questions



Service of Alcohol Questions

Chapter 3

Service of Alcohol: Multi choice
5 Questions



50 Multiple-choice Mock Exam Practice Questions

These questions have been written by ThirtyFifty and cover the full course and should be attempted towards the end of the course.

WSET L3 Multichoice Mock Exam 1
50 Questions
WSET L3 Multichoice Mock Exam 2
50 Questions
WSET L3 Multichoice Mock Exam 3
50 Questions



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I thought the questions were excellent, an extremely valuable revision tool. They really helped highlight areas I thought I had revised and understood but clearly had not, which has enabled me to focus on key areas to revisit and study before going into the exam... I think it is a great resource and an essential revision aid for any WSET 3 students wishing to gain a competitive edge and successfully pass the WSET 3 exam.

Gini (Australia) - WSET Level 3 Question

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your outstanding website. It was a key factor in helping me pass WSET level 3 and I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to make it so much easier to study. Thank you once again

Gino - WSET Level 3 Question

I just wanted to say a big thanks for your great attitude and professional, straightforward tuition which helped me pass the exam with distinction.   It was a great course with a happy end!

Filip - WSET Level 3