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ThirtyFifty's Level 4 - D1 - Wine Production Flash Cards

ThirtyFifty has written these Flash Card questions & answers to help students pass the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines D1 Wine Production module.

The Flash Card questions are based on the current 2021 WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines syllabus and are organised in line with the WSET Level 4 specification.

How to use the Flash Cards

We suggest you begin by selecting individual Topics to study. You can then rate each Flash Card as Easy, Medium or Hard (the default is set to Medium) so that you can control which Flash Cards you see (e.g. fewer easy ones!). Once you have been through the Topic, you can try a random selection of questions for that Topic, to test yourself, based on the level of difficulty you have set.

Flash Cards

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Flash Cards

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Level 4 D1 Wine Production Flash Cards

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By Topic
Anatomy: Shoots, Buds, Lateral Shoots, Tendrils , leaves
Anatomy: Inflorescences, Bunches, Grapes
Anatomy: One year old wood, Permanent Wood, Roots
Vine Propagation: Clones, Mass selection
Vine Propagation: New grape varieties
Vine Propagation: Cuttings & Layering
Growth cycle
Factors affecting temperature and sunlight
Factors affecting water availability
Climate classifications
Weather influences
Pests and disease
Approaches to grape growing
Planting materials and vine propagation
Managing nutrients and water
Canopy Management
Managing hazards
Production and ripening of grapes
Quality level
Approaches to winemaking
Grape receptions
Grape processing
Must adjustments
Alcoholic fermentation
Malolactic conversion
Maturation and storage
Post fermentation clarification
Packaging and closures
Transportation of wine

All Flash Cards are based on the latest WSET Level 4 Wine specification and the course book "Understanding Wines: Explaining style and quality". These Flash Cards have been created independently of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the governing body for the courses.

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Our clients say...

I thought the questions were excellent, an extremely valuable revision tool. They really helped highlight areas I thought I had revised and understood but clearly had not, which has enabled me to focus on key areas to revisit and study before going into the exam... I think it is a great resource and an essential revision aid for any WSET 3 students wishing to gain a competitive edge and successfully pass the WSET 3 exam.

Gini (Australia) - WSET Level 3 Question

I just wanted to say a big thanks for your great attitude and professional, straightforward tuition which helped me pass the exam with distinction.   It was a great course with a happy end!

Filip - WSET Level 3