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Blue wine, now blue fizz, but you’ll have to look fast

The desire for Blue has seen the creation of all sorts of combination, now scientist have discovered, that popping a bottle of champagne at 20 ̊C creates a bluish cloud of gas. This is according to the studies of co-author Gerard Liger-Belair, a professor at the University of Reims in France's Champagne region, where he studies bubbles and foam.

At normal drinking temperature, well chilled or 8-10 ̊C only a white cloud appears. But with warmer wines the sudden drop in temperature, associated with the sudden decrease in pressure, creates tiny particles of dry ice. These particles reflect light, similar to the way the sky does, turning the cloud blue.

You may not have noticed this though, as the escaping gas is blue for only the first thousandth of a second - and you probably don't drink warm fizz.