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Naked Wines to raise prices

Naked Wines this week advised their investors/consumers that prices will inevitably rise post Brexit. The company, owned by Majestic, said that prices will rise by 5% on half of its range from next month. But wines at Majestic will not be affected. The rise equates to about 50p on some of their most popular wines. Naked Wines claimed that many UK buyers are asking winemakers to give discounts to make up for the Brexit current hit. Naked Wines have made their price increase to avoid this. Gabby Clinkard from Majestic however said that Majestic wines are NOT affected at the moment as they forward-bought currency in advance of the referendum so their prices will remain unchanged for the forseeable future. This comes in a week when some of Britain's well known brands are being accused of exploiting Brexit to ramp up prices. Former cabinet minister Sir Iain Duncan Smith blasted them as Brexit Bandits. Tesco refused to stock Unilever products online this week after a fallout over price increases on popular brands such as Marmite and Cadbury's chocolate. Brexit bandits are accused of hiking prices when the sterling is weak, but not passing on savings to consumers when the Sterling is strong. Sterling fell to a 31 year low of 1.27 against the US dollar.