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Champagne sales in the UK collapse in 2016

UK sales of the Champagne have headed south dropping by 14% in 2016. The UK is the second biggest market by volume and third by value. France is clearly the biggest market, consuming almost half of all Champagne and is biggest by value as well. The US beats the UK by value but drink only 21.8 million bottles compared to the UK's 31.2 million.

The decrease in sales has been attributed to UK drinkers swapping the pricey Champagne for cheaper alternatives such as Prosecco. The fall in the pound is following the Brexit vote is being blamed by the Champagne marketing board the CIVC. There has also been a large decrease in price promotions meaning often we are choosing between full priced champagne or cheaper Prosecco.

It is likely the lack of promotions have probably had the biggest effect with sales of Prosecco growing steadily and not showing any problems associated with the drop in the pound. It looks simply a substitution from cheap promotion sales to everyday better value Prosecco.